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Once again, my sincere thanks for your assistance with my snoring problem. I simply wasn't satisfied with the alternatives prescribed by medical experts, such as inter alia, a nasal operation. Your lessons not only put an end to my snoring problem but now I can also sing with self-confidence!

Len Dubery

Thank-you for your wonderful course. I now have a firm handle on the Feuchtinger Method! I had questions, you had answers. It became clear that you possess a keen understanding of the method. But, the real test is not in theory but in application. It is here that your programme excels. I learned just how to perform the exercises and to see the whole picture come together. A master teacher is not a lecturer who supplies information, but one who guides the student to his or her own discoveries. You are the quintessential teacher.

Avrohom Krauss

I am a songwriter and my passion is to sing my own songs one day. The problem I found was that my vocal ability was very poor. My notes would most times come out flat and off pitch, even though I practised my scales as often as possible. In my heart I wanted to sing no matter what and I decided that I would not give up trying. I prepared my mind to start over and I asked the Lord to show me how to sing. Within a few days I had found The Perfect Voice Insititute and began the journey again with Reinette. Although the exercises seemed somewhat strange, I was desperate to try anything and carried on practising them. After 1 month of vocal exercises and practising, I was (and still am) amazed at the results. My voice is much stronger and I am able to hold the notes longer and more easily than before. I have more volume than before and the pitch production problem has improved dramatically. I am looking forward to what the next few months hold, as I REDISCOVER my voice. I would recommend this technique to all prospective students. There is certainly nothing to loose, but only a lifetime of joyful singing to gain.

Lisa Vivienne

When I first understood the physiology of the 'voice', I was filled with wonder at the perfect way it is created. I was astonished at my own 'voice' as it started developing. With each exercise and the timing thereof, I found myself wondering how far I could stretch my cords, what would I sound like. The whole experience has been like hunting for lost treasure. Each step forward is finding the place on the map. I am thrilled and excited, not only will I be able to talk readily, glibly and convincingly, I can sing too. Life changing.

Rev. Magda F Oosthuizen