Science reveals perfect vocal action

a natural way to achieve vocal success for
Singing, Speaking, Speech Impediments, and Respiratory Problems

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The Natural Law of Vocal Precision

To achieve vocal success one must follow the course set out by nature

The Perfect Voice Method works in accordance with nature’s design; it has been subjected to every law of physics, anatomy and mechanics and has proven to be mathematically correct and true under all circumstances making it the leading method in voice betterment.

Weak, hoarse, damaged and defective voices can be restored and built to perfection, and good voices can become exceptional voices

Whether you have dreams of becoming a great voice artist or want to improve, strengthen and preserve your voice, or overcome speech impediments that damage your self- confidence, the Perfect Voice Institute can give you unique tools to build your voice to its greatest potential in speaking as well as singing, and is suitable for all ages.

Dr Eugene Feuchtinger’s Gift to Voice Culture

Dr Eugene Feuchtinger, an American scientist and highly acclaimed voice coach, continued the legacy of his forefathers and made gigantic discoveries in the field of vocal development to the enormous benefit of many people in the early and mid twentieth century. He maintained throughout his lifetime that a good voice is the birthright of every individual. The treasures Dr Feuchtinger brought to voice culture through his immense knowledge of the vocal organ were forgotten, and so today the Perfect Voice Institute has been reestablished to once again make his remarkable discoveries available to all those in pursuit of vocal restoration, health and wellness.

The Perfect Voice Method is scientifically sound and certain to assist a variety of vocal problems ranging from voice loss, lack of vocal flexibility and poor articulation to speech impediments like lisping, stuttering and stammering

The Perfect Voice Method is founded on knowledge of the anatomical and physiological basis of voice production, and is thus scientifically sound and certain to work for a variety of vocal defects enabling problematic voices to become clear, healthy and pain free as well as good voices to learn the secret to resilience and long term preservation.

What separates the Perfect Voice Institute from any other course in vocal development?

The Perfect Voice Method focuses directly on the mechanics of the vocal organ for if the basic factors of voice production are defective no amount of voice exercises will sufficiently improve the voice

Students of voice culture can repeat scales, yawn, sigh, hum, practice breathing, lip rolls, vowels, and tongue twisters ad nauseam but without direct attention to the mechanics of the vocal organ, and training to ensure that the larynx remains in a stable, balanced position allowing all parts of the vocal organ to co-ordinate smoothly, progress is limited and in many cases harmful.

The Perfect Voice Method prevents a dangerously high larynx that strains the vocal chords

Nodules and voice loss are generally caused by a high larynx that causes the throat to constrict and prevents the vocal chords from vibrating freely. Only Feuchtinger’s Perfect Voice Method holds the key to preventing this unwanted condition as it addresses the precise mechanical action within the larynx, and deepens the foundation of the voice by strengthening and co-ordinating the muscles necessary to achieving a beautiful, well rounded and healthy tone.

The Perfect Voice Method teaches one simple perfectly co-ordinated action as a means to build the voice rather than relying on a multitude of separate exercises

The Perfect Voice Method gives you the key to blending the elements that would commonly be dealt with in separate exercises (such as relaxation, breathing, resonance, range, projection and articulation) into one simple perfectly co-ordinated action, thus demystifying many false beliefs that cause the voice to be broken down into different categories when its true beauty exists only in the unity of its parts. The method teaches you to understand the voice as an instrument and an organ of the body making it a real physical thing and not just a mysterious force.

Training in the Perfect Voice Method does not lead to a false, unnatural or affected quality of expression

There is no danger with the Perfect Voice Method of losing one’s naturalness and becoming affected as is often the case with elocution, speech and singing lessons. The Perfect Voice Method is unique in that it doesn’t add anything, but rather eliminates what prevents healthy vocal action from taking place, and in this way liberates the natural voice and helps to preserve it.

Both speakers and singers can use the Perfect Voice Method

Speech and singing training are often different due to the lack of knowledge regarding the muscular action that makes both possible. The Perfect Voice Method reveals how singing is in fact an extension of speech as it is a product of the same mechanical action within the vocal organ only requiring greater strength and energy. The method teaches you to balance the vocal structure action and strengthen it giving you a fine instrument to express yourself through speech or song.

Perfect Voice has benefits for people with asthma, snoring and sleep apnoea conditions

The Perfect Voice Method assists individuals with respiratory problems such as asthma, snoring and sleep apnoea due to its ability to strengthen and tone the weak palate muscles that compromise the breathing apparatus, and give rise to these difficulties.

The Perfect Voice Institute offers the Alexander Technique as a complementary service to help students gain more physical awareness, and overcome poor habits that create impediments in the development of new skills

The Alexander Technique is defined as a process that teaches an individual how to co-ordinate body and mind to release harmful tension and improve posture, co-ordination and general health. In the Alexander Technique and Perfect Voice Method one finds key ingredients that promote physical and vocal expression that is fee from strain and tension.

Reinette Boshoff founder of the Perfect Voice Institute South Africa

Reinette Boshoff, an accomplished Opera singer, thought her career was over when she began to lose her voice. Fortunately she was introduced to Feuchtinger’s Perfect Voice Method enabling her to regain her voice, which has become stronger and better than before. Reinette credits Feuchtinger’s method alone with her journey to recovery as no other specialists could offer her a solution, and so she has opened the Perfect Voice Institute to offer others the gift of overcoming vocal problems and developing a strong and lasting voice.