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Feuchtinger's Manual

30 lessons and 625 pages!

Purchase the authentic and original Feuchtinger study of the human voice manual published in 1927 by Perfect Voice Institute Chicago Illinois.

625 scanned pages from the original Feuchtinger manual in Adobe Reader format (.pdf). For further information about this manual and how to purchase, contact Reinette at: or phone 011-674-2855 or 072-436-4333.

NB: The original manual had a page missing in lesson 1, namely page 20. The authentication of the missing page makes the manual even more valuable.

A big thank you to the following people for their contribution to the distribution of this manual

Clara Taub

Locating the original manual

Penelope Bramwell-Jones, Heather Marti

Presenting the manual to the Perfect Voice Institute South Africa

Franky Fonseca

Scanning the manual