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Training at the Perfect Voice Institute

The Perfect Voice Institute recommends at least one year of vocal training to gain a solid understanding of the Perfect Voice Method and experience good results.  The amount of time it takes to perfect the method depends on the individual and the state of their vocal organ when they begin the course.

Skype Logo Students in distant locations can receive lessons via Skype.

Perfect Voice Institute also recommends a course of thirty Alexander lessons to help a student integrate the physical demands of the Perfect Voice Method, as well as overcome habitual tensions that impede the voice.  These are individual hourly lessons and are not available via Skype.

Training Options

Option 1

Three to six months of training in the Perfect Voice Method for one hour per week. Only when students have successfully completed the foundation exercises, which can take anywhere between twelve and twenty-four weeks, will they be given the option to reduce their lessons to two hours per month if they so wish.

Option 2

Students can have forty-five minutes of training per week for a period of twelve months.

Three-week Training Course

An intensive three-week training course is offered to individuals in distant locations. During this period candidates will receive five hours per week of personalized and individual tuition. Contact the Perfect Voice Institute to reserve a place. Details regarding payment and accommodation will be sent to you when you make your booking. The three-week training course is also available via Skype.